“HKM-cute-kids” Documentation by “Hekimabi” v1.00

“HKM-cute-kids” Responsive Theme

Created: 15, January.2015
15, ocak.2015
By: Hekimabi

Thank you for purchasing my theme. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email via my Web page contact form Here. Thank you!

Table of Contents

  1. Features
  2. Installation Instructions
  3. Styling your Theme
  4. CSS Files
  5. PSD Files
  6. Additional Resources
  7. Compatibility

A) Features - top

HKM-cute-kids is a Responsive, Premium OpenCart theme that features a clean and slick design that is suitable for a wide variety of products.

B) Installation Instructions - top

  1. Open the archive HKM-cute-kids.zip to find the following resources:

    • HKM-cute-kids
    • resources
    • documentation

  2. Upload HKM-cute-kids to your online store

    You will need an FTP client at this stage (Please make a copy of your Opencart files or backup before further installation!), if you don't have one you can get one here: http://filezilla-project.org.

    Once connected to your FTP where your Opencart store resides go to the root folder of Opencart. Upload all the content of HKM-cute-kids folder(on left of the image below) to your OpenCart website's root folder (wherever Opencart was installed - on the right of the image below). If your FTP client asks for file overwrite click OK (if asked to Merge or Replace, select Merge), this will only add the new files to their corresponding directories without removing the old files.
    Upload content of 'HKM-cute-kids' to your online shop root DIR

  3. Activate your white-red theme:

    • Login to your Opencart Admin Area
    • Go to System > Settings > Edit (your store)
    • Click on the Store tab. From the drop down listing of available themes select white-red. Activate HKM-cute-kids Template
  4. Set your Default Items per page to 16:

    • Go to System > Settings > Edit (your store)
    • Click on the Option tab. Type in 16 in the Default Items Per Page field. Items per Page
  5. Adjust your image sizes and set your store logo:

    • Go to System > Settings > Edit (your store)
    • Click on the Image tab. To set your online store logo, click on the Browse Files link next to the Store logo section.
      Next you need to set the correct image sizes for HKM-cute-kids, so that product images are displayed appropriately in each section of the template.
      Choose the following image sizes listed below. Image Sizes
      Category Image Size: 740x148
      Product Image Thumb Size: 228x228
      Product Image Popup Size: 500x500
      Product Image List Size: 228x228
      Additional Product Image Size: 228x228
      Related Product Image Size: 228x228
      Compare Image Size: 90x90
      Wish List Image Size: 47x47
      Cart Image Size: 47x47

  6. Setup your Modules to look like the demo site:

  7. Setup your Modules to look like the Admin demo:

  8. user: demo
  9. Pass: demo
  10. Main Slider

    Bestsellers Module

    Category Module

    Account Module

    Manufacturers Module

    Latest Module

    Specials Module

    D) CSS Files - top

    HKM-cute-kids uses the following css files (If you are willing to change the looks of an elemnt you need to edit these files):

    E) PSD Files - top

    I've included the PSDs with this theme that have all the visuals/banners available in the demo (within the psd folder):

    1. 5 x 1140x460 px Banner + Font

    If you'd like to change the view of your template, make the necessary adjustments in the PSD, then save the corresponding image file over the original

    G) Compatibility - top

    HKM-cute-kids is compatible with all major browsers:

    I'd be glad to help with any questions relating to the theme. Please when asking a question include your store URL! Thanks!


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